Pomegranates from California

Crown Jewels pomegranates

Crown Jewels has recently become one of the largest shippers of fresh pomegranates in the industry. Our grower/partner, Steve Barsoom of the venerated Ensher Alexander & Barsoom, cultivates nearly 1000 acres of the finest Early Foothill, Early Wonderful, and Wonderful Pomegranates in the world. Carrying the new "E&A Farms/Crown Jewels" label as well as the legendary "Ito" label, our pomegranates are truly the industry’s finest.

Pomegranates have held special significance in ancient cultures from Egypt to China. Rich in antioxidants and fiber, they’re revered for a reason. To extract the seeds (arils) from a pomegranate, cut the fruit into slices and place the slices in a bowl of cool water. The arils will separate from the white lattice (pith) and are ready to enjoy. Eaten by themselves, the arils are a delicious snack. They can also be sprinkled in salads, desserts, appetizers, and sauces.

Crown Jewels pomegranates label

Pomegranate availability

Pack Styles > Single Layer Export
> Single Layer Club Pack
> 2 layer
> Volume fill
> TRI Wall Bins
Labels Available > Crown Jewels
Availability August - December
Varieties > Early Foothill
> Early Wonderful
> Wonderful
Shipping Locations Ito Packing
707 W South Ave
Reedley, CA 93654-9784
PH: 559.638.2531